Test automation

EasyTest 1000

The table systems that are assembled using standard components from the EasyTest 1000 series are characterized by simple handling and minimum space requirements.

FlexiTest 2000

Systems from the FlexiTest 2000 series are the basic platform for our automation systems.

EcoTest 3000

Systems from the EcoTest 3000 series are semi-automatic solutions.

RotaryTest 4000

The basis for our systems from the RotaryTest 4000 series is a round table that is equipped with workpiece carriers.

MultiTest 5000

The MultiTest 5000 provides the highest level of testing flexibility.

SpecialTest 9000

SpecialTest 9000 solutions are systems that are not based on Schleuniger’s platform technology.

TAC – Test Application Components

Test Application Components (TAC) includes all components required to implement the testing tasks in a system.