Komax taping

KTL 10

The smallest programmable taping machine, KTL 10 is ideal for taping wire harnesses and small modules with max. 1 m tape length and up to five branches.

Rotar 500

The Rotar 500 Series taping machines process wire harnesses of the highest complexity, such as wire harnesses in the vehicle door, mirror wiring, or battery harnesses.


The bench top taping machine KTR 10 CS offers an entry into program-supported taping of complex or pre-fixed wire sets – especially ideal for long taping runs.

KTR 15

The taping machine KTR 15 is specially designed for cable harnesses from a length of 1.5 m to ensure optimum handling even for long cables and branches.

KTR 10

The compact and operator-controlled taping machine KTR 10 is an entry-level model for spot-taping pre-fixed cables and simple cable sets with long branches.