Crimping unit with stripping

StripCrimp 208

The StripCrimp 208 is flexible, reliable, and user-friendly. It is suitable for high-precision
stripping and crimping of rear-feed and side-feed terminals within a
cross-section range of 0.05 to 6.00 mm2 (30 to 10 AWG).
Short breakout lengths of 22 mm (0.86″) – or even down to 10 mm
(0.39″) using special tools – permit the processing of sensor applications.
For high productivity, it comes with comprehensive user guidance and article lists with default settings for
contact, wire, and tool.
  • Well-arranged 7″ touch screen for fast and easy operation
  • Quick-change system for all standard rear-feed and side-feed applicator tools
  • Ergonomically designed cable clamp facilitates cable insertion
  • Optional crimp force monitoring
  • Optional reject part cutter with crimp force monitoring

StripCrimp 30

The pneumatic StripCrimp SC 30 is a highly reliable strippingand crimping machine for the processing of side feed and rear feed terminals. The StripCrimp SC 30 processes all banded terminals with cross sections from 0,03-1,5 mm2 (AWG 32–16).

SealCrimp 210 B

The SealCrimp 210 B is a highly flexible benchtop machine for stripping, sealing, and crimping a great variety of different wire sizes up to 2.5 mm².

Stripper and Crimper MC 25

MC 25 combines stripping and crimping for ferrules to one work step.

Stripper and Crimper MC 40-1

The MC 40-1 provides efficient processing of loose wire end sleeves with plastic collars in different lengths.

Stripper and Crimper MC 40L

The MC 40 processes loose wire end sleeves with plastic collars (cross-section 4, 6 and 10 mm²).