News from Schleuniger, Strip series B300

May 16, 2022

We have the pleasure to announce a new stripping machine from Schleuniger, Strip series B300.
In its price range, the portable stripping machine B300 opens up completely new possibilities for fast and at the same time reliable stripping of cables with a cross section of 0.03 to 8 mm2.
B300 is a powerful machine in bench model that is easy to use and the same blade is used for all cables
The B300 is suitable for those who want a machine that is quick to put into operation and is extremely easy to use without programming knowledge.

New features:
• Direct operation via high-resolution 5″ touch screen
• No blade change for all processable cables
• Short distance (9 mm) from cover to blade
• Processing parameters for twisted cables and solid conductors in mm2 and AWG
• Very sensitive trigger mechanism
• Great application flexibility and bandwidth

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or read more here: B300