Demo machines

We have demo machines that we can show on site in Bålsta.

If you want to know more about these, contact us at

Below we have our demo machines that we also sell out.

Most of them are:

– in an almost new condition

– were just used in our showroom and for demo purposes


– subject to prior sale

– 1st in, 1st serve

– no reservation

Description Year Warranty
Multistrip 9480 MR 2020 12 month warranty
PowerStrip 9500 RX 2011 No warranty
EcoCut 3200 2019 6 month warranty
Coaxstrip 6380 2022 12 month warranty
Stripper B300 Basic or full software version 2022 12 month warranty
Brady Wraptor A6200 2022 12 month warranty
Brady Wraptor 2011 No Warranty