CBV 5.0

CBV 5.0 is a refrigeration industrial water chiller. It is used for mold conditioning in order to guarantee a constant temperature of a mold

D10 Resin Dryer

The resin dryer machine is engineered to evaporate moisture out of the resin through the heating of the resin


HI 3 is an horizontal injection overmolding station with vertical mold clamping and 3 sides front open space.

HI-4-TT Mod

Low pressure overmolding unit with horizontal injection for Hot Melt materials


Low Pressure Overmolding System

MG 250 E

The Manual Gun 250 is an electronically controlled unit for the injection of polyamide resins


Melting Tank unit series 500 are designed for hand use when equipped with the Hose Gun 100 or semi-automatic use when equipped with the mould holder Vertical Pillar 100 with automatically controlled nozzle

Stampi / Molds

Molds for thermoplastics, built by Pidikei within its own workshop equipped with CNC machines and CAD-CAM systems

TO 100

Manual Press for Assembly Table Installation


Low Pressure Molding System